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Property Acumen

Welcome to Property Acumen. We have a large range of articles on all sorts of property related processes: from finding a house to buying a house, to looking at auction properties and much more besides, together with UK house price data by postcode.
Property Articles
We look at all aspects of buying a house in our property articles section. Topics include Buying Property, First Time Buyers and Buying At Auction.


small bricksGetting a mortgage is a major milestone, and can be a tricky process. Read our Mortgage Articles for more information. Also read about Equity Release.

Commercial Property

office blockCommercial property is that which is used for business operations: for instance a shop or an office block.

Read about Commercial property.

Property Insurance

Want to find out more about property-related insurance products? We have articles on various topics such as buildings insurance and contents insurance - look in our articles section for more details.

Resources & News

calculatorOur resource centre is packed with useful information!
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