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Commercial Property

Commercial Property Commercial property refers to that which is used for purposes such as an office block, or a pub, a shop, a retail outlet, a restaurant, a warehouse or any other commercial means whatsoever. Therefore commercial property is contrasted with private property that is bought by individuals for them to live in: such as flats, apartments, bungalows, houses and even mansions.

If you are looking for a property for your business, either to buy or to rent, then it would be a commercial property agent that you would go through rather than a normal estate agent. There are various directories and databases that you can search to find commercial property companies and their agents in your area, together with databases of commercial properties for rent or sale.

Commercial property agents will specialise in a particular area, for instance London based commercial properties; and typically also in a sector. An agency may work across several sectors but will have staff specialising in a sector (for instance the financial sector and so on). Business properties may be rented or perhaps have a commercial mortgage taken out on them.

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