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French Property

overseas France is one of the most popular overseas destinations for British nationals, and along with Spain forms the country that makes up the bulk of overseas house purchases for Brits.

With the advent of cheap flights to many different locations around France, there are a range of locations that are particularly attractive to buy property in due to the ease with which one can get home from them, without necessarily having to drive for several hours to the nearest airport or indeed back to the ferry port as used to be the case not so long ago.

There are many considerations to take into account when moving to France, or indeed buying a French property as a holiday home. Not just relating to the property market and how it functions although that is important, but also - particularly for those who are making an investment - what would happen to the price if that convenient flight by the budget airline closed.

These articles look at a whole range of issues relating to buying overseas and specifically in France, whether it be the legal process of purchasing a property, elements to take into consideration, understanding the language and culture and more besides:

Advantages of a new build property in France as an investment
Altering the exterior of a property in France
Borrowing money when in France
Buying property in France for the lifestyle
French property and accumulating value in tough times
How to overcome isolation when abroad
Is it a good time to buy French property?
Mistakes to avoid when buying in France
Paying for a new build property in France
Reasons why a new build property is attractive
Searching for a property in France
The ideal home in France
The Pound / Euro Exchange Rate
Tips on buying French property
Why moving to France should not mean forgetting Britain