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mortgages The process of arranging a mortgage can seem bewildering at first sight, and confusing at second. That's why we have commissioned a range of articles on the different aspects of getting a mortgage, from the initial stage of working out which might be the best sort of mortgage for you, meeting a mortgage broker, and then going through the steps of applying for and arranging the mortgage itself.

Our mortgage articles look in depth at the various main types of mortgages out there, including interest only and variable rate and tracker mortgages and even some more unusual products like self-certification mortgages, together with explaining how to use best buy tables and what all the various pieces of information they give you actually are.

Equipped with this information you should get a good idea of what the different types of mortgages are, and what the pro's and con's are. Of course, working out how large a mortgage to get and which actual product is a personal decision that should be taken with recourse to an expert, but having a familiarity with the mortgage market in general before attending such a meeting can be very useful and give you a running start. With so many articles to choose from, such as Property price outlook 2011/2012, hopefully you'll find something of interest here.

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